Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.

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At the most recent concert of her Summer Carnival 2023 tour, Pink is experiencing the love that comes from above.

Pink, 43, was playing in Munich on July 6 when a fan filmed the moment clouds in the sky formed a heart just as she was dedicating her performance of “When I Get There” to her late father. The singer-songwriter best known for the song “Just Give Me a Reason” was in the middle of the Munich leg of her tour at the time.

“A heart shines in heaven as she sings this song to honor her late father,” the admirer captioned the video that first captured the touching event in its entirety

The pink_fanclub account then reshared the footage on their Instagram Story on Wednesday with the description “The sky formed a heart during P!nk’s performance of #whenigetthere,” which Pink herself then published on her own Instagram Story after she noticed it.


The song “When I Get There,” which is featured on the singer’s most recent extended play (LP), Trustfall, was written as a memorial to the singer’s late father, Vietnam War veteran Jim Moore, who passed away in 2021 at the age of 75 after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In February, the singer released a heartfelt music video to accompany the song. At the beginning of the video, Pink’s late father surprises her in her dressing room. The song itself is emotional.


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The moving music video then continues on to show a montage of flashback clips showcasing Pink (then known as Alecia Beth Moore) as a little girl spending time with her family, especially her father, followed by more current scenes from the singer’s life as an adult.

In the same month that the song was made available, Pink discussed her loss in an interview that was published on the cover of People magazine.

“When a daughter loses her father, your first thought is, ‘No one is ever going to love me like that again,’ and it’s a very lonely feeling,” she told PEOPLE. “When a daughter loses her father, your first thought is, ‘No one’s ever going to love me like that again.'” “I wish that we could talk more often so that I could grill him with more questions,” you said.The singer went on to reveal the question that she would ask her father if she could.


” ‘Did you like me?’ ” Pink stated. It is your responsibility as a parent to encourage independence in decision-making among your children. Sometimes you feel like you should be able to stop them, but you know that you can’t. And I didn’t understand it at the time, but looking back, I can see that my dad was intentionally withholding a lot of his genuine ideas so that I could make my own decisions. I’m interested in knowing, “What on earth were you thinking?”

The singer is now performing in Europe as part of her tour, and on July 28 she will arrive in North America, where she will remain until October 9; after that, she will return to perform there as part of her Trustfall Tour, which will go until November 19.

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